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An exclusive event focusing on Online Marketing as a career option is being planned at Delhi on Jan 12th. It’s a sort of Job Clinic that aims to connect prospective candidates along with online marketing companies.

I met up with Vivek Bhargava, CEO of Communicate2, at the Web Innovation event at Bangalore and he says that getting good, qualified talent is a major challenge. It’s the same point that many other CEOs, whom I met up during SerchCamp, echoed as well.

This event is the brainchild of Pradeep Chopra, cofounder of OMlogic, an online marketing consulting company. He has helped setup OMcareers, a non-profit community initiative to get interested candidates and companies together.

Interested? Add your name here in the participant’s list. If you want to collaborate or join hands with the event, get in touch with Pradeep Chopra at 9810762902 or email him at pradeep.chopra[@]