In Running

I’m a proud Pondicherrian and when a marathon takes place near my hometown, I just have to be part of it. The event takes place on February 16th and it marks 40 years of founding of Auroville.

For those not in the know, Auroville is an international township located about 10 kms from Pondicherry. The place is home to residents from more than 50 nations and that’s as international as you can get.

It’s also my favorite place. Another reason why I’m going there.

I’m joining up with the wonderful Chennai Runners gang for the marathon and targetting running a half marathon. A big ask considering I’ve wilted down to near zero physical activity.

About 30 runners from Chennai have signed up for the run and on Friday, Feb 15th, we’re chartering a bus and will be staying at the Youth Centre. We’ll have to take our own sleeping bags, pillows and sleep on the floor of the two sports halls. It should be a welcome change from staying at hotels and definitely a lot more fun. It’ll also be good for all runners to be together before the run and the enthusiasm typically rubs on each other.

Now, to dust out my running shoes!