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I’m passionate about Social Media and even more interested in knowing how Companies leverage the Net effectively. I’ve been closely following how some of the leading companies globally use social media. One company in the list is SAP,the World’s biggest business application software company. I’ve been impressed with them specifically with the way they have built their communities both amongst developers and business professional.

There are over 1 million members in SAP community and they have used both online Enterprise 2.0 strategies and real world events to actively engage them.

When I was invited to attend SAP TechEd, it was just the opportunity I needed to meet Mark Yolton, the key person behind SAP communities. Mark comes with over 20 years of experiece and has held senior management profiles at Oracle, PeopleSoft and Sun Microsystems. Watch the interview.

Kiruba Interviews Mark Yolton, Head, SAP Community Network from kiruba on Vimeo.