In General

Meeting D.Murali, Deputy Editor of The Hindu BusinessLine newspaper has been one of the interesting experiences I’ve had. Murali is one of the very few traditional journalists who have whole heartedly embraced social media.

He invited me to his office to conduct a video podcast interview. After the interview was done and we had lunch, he gave me a printed sheet of paper and asked me to fill for a column called ’60 Seconds Chief’. It was a questionnaire. It had 20 questions and was meant to be filled quickly which explains the 60 seconds. Oh boy, it took a much longer time than that. I remember spending over 20 minutes to fill it. I had fun doing it.

Most of the questions deals with aspects of leadership and I thought it was a very innovative concept of authoring a column for the paper.

Here is the original scan of the paper that I had filled.

Murali has an able support staff to back him up. A person called Ramesh then draws a portrait, on the lines of Wall Street Journal. Padmaja, who works at Hindu’s office then helps compile everything together. It then finally gets printed in the paper. My interview appeared in yesterday’s edition. Here’s the scan from the paper.


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