In California from Feb 6 – 16

It’s not often that one gets to attend a TED.  The combination of exclusive and expensive makes it hard to get.   After I attended TEDindia at Mysore,  I was so smitten by my experience that I made it my goal to attend one more TED.  So, when I got an invite to participate and speak in TEDActive in Palm Springs, CA, I dived in head first.

Here’s how my schedule roughly looks like.

Feb 7 & 8 – Los Angeles

Feb 9 – 13 – Palm Springs at TEDactive

Feb 14 – 16 – San Francisco

At both LA and SFO, I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends and interesting people.  Please ping me at or +91.9841597744 if you would be game for a meet up.   At LA,  I’m also looking for a couch to crash at.

While I’ve been to California before, I never really took the time out to see around LA or SFO in detail. I’d love to hear from you on interesting places to visit.  I generally tend to avoid very touristy places.   In addition to places, I’m also very eager to meet achievers that I’d like to profile at the Cerebrate book.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. Great news, good to know you are attending TED, all the very best

  2. Why I don’t see your name in the speaker’s list?

  3. Hi, Hope you are doing great asusual..
    I am one of the correspondents of PTI. We have met many times at conferences…

    Congrats on your trip to LA and SFO. I wish you get mmany more invites and attend TED conferences world over..

    All the very best…

    Happy Journey…

  4. Maga,

    Just took a look at some of your past invitees — with all due respect, the # seems to be skewed towards either South Indians or folks who grew up in the South. Please try to have some more diversity in geographic terms.

    I was also wondering if other “diverse” metrics could include slightly older folks (not just the under-30 crowd); more women — it ain’t fun to see the token couple of women; more achievers from rural India; folks whose English may not be as good as yours but are able to manage in terms of comprehension and conversation. Your mix tends to be a tad too creative/artsy-fartsy…how about inviting someone from defence (someone in active duty i.e.) or someone who is a legal expert or someone who is a social worker/works for an NGO; how about someone who is a homemaker (why have only corporate types over and simply reiterate what each one of you already thinks, as individuals and as a group); how about someone who is physically handicapped (have you ever thought of what kinds of travails they have to face); how about someone who is involved in union/labor issues (not that I like to hang out them but I think it would bring in another point of view instead of the usual corporate cliches); how about someone who is not currently residing in India (and time and money and schedule permitting is in India for some other reason)….I’m literally throwing up suggestions at you da…otherwise, what I have seen is you have the creative types and then the management types….and that about covers it….there does not seem to be that spark for spirited exchange of other viewpoints….it seems to me a bunch of guys are getting together and simply assuring each other that their points of views (as a demographic, esp)are the only ones that matter…..

    Caveat — I am trying to play Devil’s Advocate in this post so as to encourage you to be more inclusive. All the best!

    I hope this helps da.

  5. gochipata Says: January 12, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Hi Kiruba

    Please change your RHS menu bar which talks about the 5 things you are far as I know it has been showing the Jeffrey Archer thing for 5 years now.
    I didnt mean to be rude or something, just wanted to help you improve the site.

  6. Congrats! Enjoy the trip :-)

  7. Hi Kiruba,

    I am regular reader of your blogs for the past few years. I am in SFO as well and it would be awesome to meet you up when you are here. Let me know when you are in SFO and we can catch up for a drink and some good food. I work with Thoughtworks as a Lead Consultant.

    Take care

  8. Dude, what about Eagerly awaiting its launch.

  9. Are you being asked to pay to attend Ted Active?

    Good luck with finding a couch in LA. I hope you understand how big the city is – you need to specify which suburb you will be based in otherwise you will spend 3 hrs on the freeway!

  10. Joseph Chan Says: January 23, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    All the best – you make an excellent ambassador for TED.

    Looking forward to you blogs from the trip.

  11. monthly 2 posts….not fair for India’s no.1 blogger! pls.!

  12. awesome :)