In General

Packed our bags. Recharged my iPods. Snuck in the books. I’m quite excited about the first *REAL* family vacation we are taking in more than 3 years.

We are heading to Coorg for a 5 day vacation. It may not be much but given the work schedule, its a luxury. We have booked ourselves into a 4-bedroom house snuck within a 34 acre coffee estate.

I did an elaborate hunt for a good homestay. I was certain we won’t be staying in a resort or a hotel. Homestay it had to be. What do you expect from a big couchsurfing junkie like me! Anyways, back to my homestay hunt. I checked out over 50 places online but the one that fixed the deal came out of a ‘bad news’ from the owner of the homestay. He almost apologized when he said that the place within the coffee estate does not receive any mobile signals. That alone clinched the deal for me. What better way to unplug!

The second reason that scored for me was the home cooked Coorgi food from the homestay owner’s kitchen. Especially, if it involves home-cooked pork. In fact, that’s my single minded focus this trip. Have as many varieties of Pork dishes as possible. More than half a dozen people have told me that the Coorgi’s make the best pork. All I can say is, ‘Bring it On”!

Oink ! Oink!