Here’s One Reason Why the 7 Acre Dream Must Come True

While we were hunting for the wooden pillars for our farmhouse, we came across this astonishingly big sized tree trunk at a saw mill near Tindivanam.

As soon I saw it, I felt a twinge in my heart. How could someone have the heart to chop down such a magnificent tree?

But then, its easy to see the irony. As Dilip had pointed out, it doesn’t make sense to feel bad for a chopped tree on one hand and on the other buy fancy wooden pillars for the house! That’s llike supporting PETA during the day and enjoying mutton biriyani during night!!

All I know is that I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating something from the scratch. If that involves trees, my passion since childhood, its even better. Now, on with the project!

The challenge is to grow 1000 trees and these should be 100 different varieties of fruit and flowering trees. As you can see its a challenging project. Tough but very doable. I’ve helped set up a wiki to list down all the varieties. Would seek your help in suggesting the ones that are missed out. You can either add it directly to the wiki or just leave as a comment in the comment section below. Thanks in advance.

  1. Kiruba, i hate to be the sad guy but im confused at what you are saying. You hate people cutting trees with the exception of you of course wanting a wooden pillar which is made, by cutting another tree. Cement is cheaper. Why cant you just have a cement pillar and then wood work around it? Less tree consumed and classic feel still retained?

    I fail to understand how cutting a small tree for your farmhouse is alright but a large tree someone else cut down sounds heinous in your opinion.

  2. Hey Dilip, thanks for pointing out the irony. It definitely makes sense. I have made changes to the post.

  3. Abha Appasamy Says: June 27, 2011 at 6:43 am

    Hi Kiruba,
    I’m having a good time going through your farm website. Just thinking – 7 acres is a decent size, but can it really sustain 1000 trees? Each tree has to have a certain area around it to spread out it’s roots. Then, when they grow, they will spread out the branches and leaves and the sunshine will not reach underneath to sustain other growth. Also, I believe that a mix of trees and other vegetation creates a certain ecology around it – there are trees that grow well together and you can cultivate other crops in between. Have you done a feasibility study?
    Also, 1000 trees, other crops and animals will need a lot of water….

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