In farm

Here’s a short video walk-through of the farm that’s adjoining ours in Rettani village. The main focus of the video though is a well that’s so awesomely huge.

This well is over a century old and a decade ago, it was renovated at a substantial cost. In comparison, the well in our farm is much smaller and is in a very bad state.  A few months ago, a portion of the wall collapsed. The rest of the wall is in danger of crashing unless some urgent repair work is done to save it. One of my dream is to make our well in as good a shape as our neighbor’s. That’s going to require serious investment. Have added it to the (wish)list of things to do !

The good thing though is that both the wells ( mine and the neighbour’s) are endowed with amazing replenishing property. Even if you draw out every single drop of water from the wells, they refill themselves overnight! Villagers tell me that there’s an underground nullah (water passage) and the wells fall right in its passage.

Here are some pictures. And oh, incase you missed it, watch the video embedded above.

Look at the sheer circumference of the well. That’s huge.

A closer look at the side of the wall. Look at the neatly aligned bricks. There is no cement used. This is to create intentional gaps between the bricks for water to seep in. This well is over 150 feet deep. You can imagine how much of water this well holds.

There’s a smaller well right next to the bigger one. I’m told that this is for easier access to the water and makes it easier to pump it out.