I'm a Social Media Entrepreneur, Professor of Digital Marketing, Author of 5 books, Podcaster and an Organic Farmer.


Kiruba Shankar

At BarCampBangalore4 at IIMB

The event just got kickstarted with about 350 eager geeks. Over the next two days, I’ll be looking at soaking into the spirit of the event, meeting up with some cool folks and sipping on some new technologies.

At the event, I took an impromptu decision to start a collective on ‘Creative Commons’. The other collectives I’ll be hanging out will be at the Startups group, Blogging group, photographers group and most importantly the bicyclers group. It’s going to be busy two days.

Speaking at BarCampBangalore3 This Weekend

I’m off to Bangalore this weekend to take part in BarCampBangalore. I’m speaking on the Unconference book initiative and will hope to drum up support for the project. But more importantly, I’m looking forward to meeting up with interesting folks. To me, BarCamps are really about people and not so much about the sessions.

I will also keep my voice recorder handy and will hope to have conversations with folks who I find interesting. Mostly CEOs of IT, Internet and Mobile companies. If you know a particular person who I should interview, ping me at Kiruba @ Kiruba.com or call me at 98415 97744.