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Kiruba Shankar

So, What is a Mobile Monday?

You’ll know by listening to this podcast with Rajan, the guy who helps organize Mobile Mondays in Bangalore.

Can’t wait?

OK. Here’s a quick synopsis.

Mobile Monday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influencers who meet up on Monday evenings over coffee or beer to network and share ideas, best practices and trends on mobile technologies. There are many city chapters and people get together to network and learn from each other.

In this podcast, Rajan, who runs a mobile company himself, talks about the history of Mobile Mondays and how this global concept was born. He also talks about what happens during MobileMonday meetings. And, finally, why Monday of all days?!

Mobile Monday in Chennai This Sunday


If you are wondering why the heck are we holding a Mobile Monday on a Sunday, then you obviously don’t know about Chennai’s notorious weekday evening traffic. Sundays are good to have a relaxed meeting. We give it a related creative twist in calling it MMS.

What is a MobileMonday, you ask? Ok, here’s a quicky elevator pitch. Its a gathering of mobile enthusiasts who get-together to discuss technologies related to mobility. Get a bigger explanation here.

If you are in Chennai and are interested in the mobile space, you must be brain dead to miss this get-together. Add your name here.

It’s taking place at IIT Madras and here’s the full address.

TeNeT – ADI Seminar Hall
CSD Block, III Floor
Indian Institute of Technology – Madras

Date: May 6th, Sunday.
Time: 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM

MoMoChennai is a proud offering from The Knowledge Foundation stable. Yup, its the same team that brought Proto, BlogCamp, BarCamp, UnConference Book & WikiCamp to Chennai. The good thing is that there are many passionate folks in the team who are willing to take a lead in organizing these key events. Varun, the man behind FoneArena, is leading the charge for MoMoChennai. A good fit considering his passion in the mobile space.

More info at http://www.MoMoChennai.com