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Kiruba Shankar

Livng a Childhood Spidey Wish

Back when I was a school boy, the Spider-Man cartoon was my absolute favorite. I remember they would show this on Sunday afternoons and I would hum along that catchy spidey tune. However, I could never sing along because the song was too fast for me. I really wanted to but never did.

Today, my younger daughter was playing with a Spidey mask when I remembered my long time desire. I quickly fired up the video of the spider-man serial at YouTube on one window and the lyrics on another window. I must’ve played it at least a dozen times, singing along aloud. My daughter would join in joyfully and hum along. When I see her hum and the joy on her face, I can’t help but notice how life has come a full circle.

Happy Greenday To You!

My younger daughter turned two today. To mark her birthday, I wanted to plant saplings near our apartment. Two reasons. One, I wanted something to remember the day. Two, its part of a bigger plan of greenification of the neighborhood that I’m undertaking. Unfortunately, the Government Horticultural Society, where I buy the saplings from, is closed on Thursdays and hence will have to wait till tomorrow.

Through the Eyes of a Professional

Take a look at some of the photos of my two daughters by ace photographer, Manoj. I’ve always believed in professionals and this photo shoot has only reaffirmed my belief. This post has a lot of photos and is bound to take time to download. Give it five minutes. After all, the photo shoot was a five hour labour of love and it deserves the time.

And take particular note to read about the photographer at the end of this post.

Manoj’s story is fascinating. Here is a guy who believes in following his heart. He was an ex-art director in an advertising company and a project manager at Sify earlier, until he decided to follow his passion- photography, professionally.

When Manoj was shooting my daughters, I keenly followed his style. What I liked about him was his ‘intrusion-less’ style. At times he almost camouflages with the surrounding. None of his pictures uses flash and you hardly know when he clicks.

He let my daughters play around and in a vast expanse like Dakshina Chitra, it can be tiring following them. Yet, Manoj went about it like a pro.

Manoj loves taking portraits of people. And he does it with ardent enthusiasm. He lets his photo do the talking. Take a look at some of his works. There are many but here’s what I recommend you check out. His collection of his personal picks, photos of his home in Chennai and his riverside plot in Kerala, and the night shots.

When I recommend someone, I do it when I’m thoroughly impressed. If you are looking to have a family portrait or to capture the beauty of your children or grandparents, Manoj can be a great resource. You can reach him at sepiastory@gmail.com or call him at 09444916905.

Manoj is coming back to shoot my grandparents a few weeks later (as soon as my grandma recovers from her eye operation) and I’m eagerly looking forward to it.

The whole episode has rekindled my enthusiasm into photography and to restart saving to buy a Nikon D80.

Kindergarten Graduation

It had all the elements of a graduation ceremony. A chief guest, graduation robes, a graduation ‘degree’!, group photo and proud doting parents in the audience. The only thing missing was the tossing up of the hats after the group photo was taken. The teachers quickly collected them because they need to return it back to the shop where they rented it from!! 🙂

The kids now move out of the kindergarten classes. As my daughter put it, they now are ‘seniors’ and can boss over the tiny tots who join in early next year!

It was a surreal experience. I know it might sound silly, but I got a bit emotional when I shot this snap of her walking off the stage.