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Kiruba Shankar

PodWorks, the Podcasting Workshop is Tomorrow

For those who can’t make it, we trying our best to get Live Web Streaming done, so you can catch some of the happenings. Check back at www.PodWorks.in for instructions.

The IRC chatroom will be available. You can watch what folks at the event are discussing at http://www.PodWorks.in/chat . And yes, you can participate in the chatroom as well.

Tomorrow, June 9th, is going to be about Audio Podcasting and Sunday, June 10th, is going to be on Video Podcasting.

Press Conference is arranged on June 9th at 11:00 AM. The press coverage so far has been awesome. Kartik Subramanian from Hindu had a fantastic writeup on Page 2. The rest of the publications that has covered the events are Rediff, BudinessWire, IndiaInfo, MyIris, Sify, IANS, Yahoo!, CyberMedia, NDTV Profit & The Telegraph.

The Police are creating a hassle with permission for the BeachHouse party. Apparently, there’s been some ugly events that happened last month and the police have put a strong curb on any party happening on the ECR. We are looking at ironing things out and putting them in order.

Less than half day to go for the event. The team is pumped up. Should be fun.

Original Signature Tune for PodWorks

Chinmayi has helped compose a signature tune for PodWorks. For those who don’t know, Chinmayi belongs to A.R.Rahman’s team and has sung for Guru, Sivaji and numerous tamil movies. She is also a TV host for Vijay TV and a Radio Jockey for Aaha FM.

I love the melodious tune, especially the flute rendition towards the middle. The music starts to grow on you over time, much like the Airtel tune by ARR. Listen to it..

PodWorks Promotional Video

.. is here.

It’s shot by Dinesh from IndiaInteracts.com and also a member of the organizing team. We shot this at the Cafe Coffee Day inside IIT Madras which has become the team’s home base.

Only 15 more days to go for the event.

The Beach House for the PodWorks Party

Now, howz that for a view!

This morning, we booked an awesome place for the party on June 9th.

This place may be familiar…its been in a few tamil movies and TV serials. The locals refer to this place as the ‘Shooting House’.

A few more photos are here.

For those who are new, PodWorks is India’s biggest podcast event.