In General

Here’s an irony. The day after Cartoon Network was pulled off air for all chennaites, I see huge hoardings for this channel spring up in the city. I wondered why ? Then i saw thru the game plan. Zee Turner ( the guys who run Cartoon Network, HBO & CNN ) must have worked out a strategy to win against the striking cable operators. They needed to convince the public who inturn would put pressure on the cable guys. They knew that people won’t miss HBO & CNN too much ‘coz there is Star Movies and BBC to compensate. But Cartoon Network has monopoly. And besides, children are the persistent kind who would put pressure on their parents, who inturn would put pressure on the cable guys. Mmmmm….nice strategy but my view is that this won’t work for two reasons.

1) It’s a wrong time for this kind of strategy. It’s exam time and parents would be more than grateful for pulling this channel off air.

2) Cable guys don’t give a snot for customer satisfaction. They are more bothered about the money they make.

Too bad Zee Turner. You gotto come with a better idea.