In General

Yesterday was a day of adventure. Me and a bunch of friends escaped the insanity of the city life by doing a driving down the east coast road , a la Dil Chahta Hai. The small difference was instead of a Mercedes Benz SLK, we had a gas-cylinder powered Fiat. I was the designated driver all the way. We hit a water sports centre and had a great time Kayaking. For all of us, this was the first time in our lives seeing a kayak , leave alone using one. We strapped on our life jackets and with hearts thumping, we launched outselves into the water. With experience in Rowing for so many seasons, I figured this would be a cinch. Well, I figured wrong. After about an hour’s kayaking, I was pooped. We had to use our last bit of available strength to reach land. I was so tried and hands so cramped that I could hardly hold the glass of Pepsi that was handed to me. It was a hard day but it was fun. All of us beamed with satisfaction for trying out a new sport.