In General

Synopsis of the Meet : I’ve been meaning to do a long winding detail by detail run on the Chennai Bloggers Meet….but guess that’ll have to wait. Instead, thanks to an unusally busy weekend, here’s the synopsis.

Interesting and Enjoyable. Two words to describe the two hour meeting. Glad we thought about doing it. The turnout was good. Six our of seven isn’t bad at all. On hindsight, we were glad the group wasn’t any bigger ‘coz we’d have had trouble finding a table to seat all at the joint.

The surprising thing is that most of us were able to recognise each other well…hey, remember this is the first time most of us are meeting each other. And there wasn’t any ice to be broken…. I mean, we really caught on very well the instant we met each other.

It didn’t take me long to figure out the venue I had chosen wasn’t the best. The place was chock-a-block with teenybobbers…besides even if we did get in we would have had to scream to talk across the table …the music was too loud. We made an unanimous decision and moved to VJ’s Diner, at the basement of the building. A much quiter, roomier ….and Expensive (note the capital E !! ). Oh well, what the heck, it’s not like everyday we have a bloggers meet. We wouldn’t have felt half as bad coughing the dough, had it not been for the Yucky Mango Milkshakes (Ughh ! ) and the snotty steward.

The joy of meeting the others overrode such minor hiccups. Frankly, I didn’t realise how fast the two hours went. The conversation ranged from each other’s jobs to bogging experiences….and a whole gamut. There was a good dose of laughter and fun pokes. The bottom line is that we are glad we met up. Now it gives us more reason to visit each other’s blog.