In General

Geet Sethi sent an email today to our Sify Rowing Team . We are twice Regatta Champions and gunning for our hat-trick title…but this time around it’s going to be the toughest competition ever. His email to the team injected a good dose of confidence in us. It’s always nice to know such a great person actively follows our performance. What I really liked in his message is that , more than aiming to beat the competiton, we should aim to break our own records and set ourselves higher benchmarks…..even be daring enough to match the national level marks. Man, those are words from a true champion.

Oh, BTW, incase you are wondering, yes, he is the same Geet, the World Billiards Champion. And in case you are wondering again, he is a senior Vice-President at Sify a.k.a Satyam Infoway Ltd.