In General

Youth Hostel : On saturday I became a member of the International Youth Hostel Network. I feel this is one of the smarter decisions I’ve taken. It only costs Rs.50 and a photograph to join and you get to enjoy the hostel facilities in over 60 countries around the world. I realised the importance of becoming a member when I went to New York last year. Before my visit, I booked my room at Ramada Inn, one of the economical hotels on Sixth Avenue. In NYC, $120 a day is considered economical !! Imagine the money that had to be doled out for a full week. On my return back to India, i realised that just two streets away, I could have stayed at a Youth Hostel for only $8 a day ( Yes, eight dollars only !! ). Damn ! I felt like a real dimwit. These youth hostels are such friendly cool places to stay….so much better than the sterile artificial atmosphere of corporate hotels. A great chance to meet like minded travellers too. If you aren’t a member yet, i suggest you become one right away. Here’s the official website.