In General

Yup ! You guessed it right. We can now wear our attitude on our chest… and with pride. Our own Tshirt to tell the world we blog. Now that’d be cool, huh ? Yeah, a bunch of us thought so too.Yesterday, Suman, Anita , Madhu and me were discussing about this and then thought, hey, this is a great colloborative project. And so here it is. Now someone will have to get it done, right ?. That’s where I volunteer. ( *drum roll* ).So here is a small way to start this process.

I know this T.shirt printer here in Chennai who will do the printing. But first we need a kick arse design and a punchy tagline. In the true spirit of the blogging community, let’s pool in ideas and do this together.

Now this contest isn’t about winning prizes. It’s about pride and joy of collaborating on a project that’s gonna be useful for all of us. It’s about the joy of working together. Yeah, but a few goodies don’t hurt. I have these two real cool “Peek Buster PC Mirrors” from Macromedia. ( See the blue round mirror on the top right side of the monitor ? That’s the one. Will soon show you a closer picture of it. I’ve got one and trust me, it is *cool*. ) The person which the best design takes home one and another one goes for the guy who coughs up the best tagline. So get your medulla oblongata cranking.

I already thought of a few taglines … ” Bloggers do it everyday 😉 ” . Another one is ” I think. Therefore I blog ” . But hey, I’m sure there are better ones you know of. Share ’em guys. Let’s keep the last date as August 14th. The next day, we pick up the best and go to the printers. The idea is to have our Tshirts by the end of this month.

Yeah, we’re going dutch. ( that-that-person, that-that-pay !! 🙂 ). Haven’t worked out the cost yet . I reckon it should come to a couple of hundred bucks. What the hell, let’s go for it. And oh yeah, just to make it clear, this is a no-profit, no-loss effort.

Help spread the word guys. Let’s have fun. And more importantly, get your ideas coming in guys. Remember, it’s OUR project.