In General

Sneaker Bargain : Today is my wife’s birthday and so we went to the Ebony superstore to do the shopping. While my wife went to the ladies section, I went over to the sneaker section to window shop …. there were the usual suspects….the Nikes , the Reeboks, the Adidases. In addition to these were some new brands, good looking and equally drool worth. I check the price tag and it said Rs.795 … I was dead sure there was a ‘ 2 ‘ missing before this number…. I mean such a good looking sneaker must definitely be worth more than two grand. So I go to the counter to verify and to my pleasant surprise it indeed does cost only Rs.795 . And guess what, I even got a 5% discount. Kewl or what !!. Out comes my credit card and lo here I’m wearing this comfy white sneaker. Guys, next time you are out check in at Ebony.