In General

David Sifry, the creator of Technorati, gives points out an excellent reason why Indian Blogs don’t get shown on many of the aggregators/ Indexers like Technorati, Blogdex and DayPop. This is what David Sifry has to say in response to Nilesh’s good question. ….. “All of the aggregators/indexers that have been mentioned take advantage of the XML-RPC calls to and some others to notify the spiders that a blog has been updated. No XML-RPC ping? No indexing. The purportedly biggest blogging tool, Blogger, does not have a list of recently updated weblogs, which means that again, no indexing. Lobby the makers of your blog software to include XML-RPC pings in their default settings, and you will see more of your neighborhood blogs getting indexed, and therefore, ranking on the indexes.” David is right. Let’s hope Evan Williams has this pinging feature enabled in the next version of Blogger.