In General

Good News. I’ve been selected as a Guest Faculty at Anna University‘s Department of Media Sciences. Part of my teaching would cover the subject. “Weblogs as Online Journalism” and I look forward to sharing my experiences with the students. The course curriculum has been influenced by University of California, Berkely‘s New Media Class.

I would spend two hours in a week with the Masters degree students,saturday mornings to be precise. My assignment starts January 4th. A nice start to the New Year. I’ve had an inherent interest in teaching and always been wanting to give something back to academia. This is a great opportunity. Especially when the Univerity is the largest in TamilNadu and second only to IIT Madras in prestige. What’s even more encouraging is the level of enthusiasm shown by the H.O.D and the students. It’ll be fun interacting with some of the brightest minds in town.