In General

The best business practices can be learned from people around us. Yesterday, me and a friend went over to the shopping complex to buy a camera. The shop was closed but the shop owner was smart to leave a prominent placard that had his name and his mobile number. We called him up and the deal was done over phone. Thanks to a simple idea, he was able to earn our business. He taught us a lesson to extend the business beyond the boundaries of the physical shop.

Another lesson we learnt was from the pavement balloon seller. My daughter loves big baloons and so when we saw these, me and my wife stopped by him. We liked the balloons but was apprehensive in buying them because we were worried our daughter would get scared if the balloon burst. The guy was quick to understand our apprehension and told us it’s a tougher balloon made of nylon material and to prove his point he slammed the balloon very hard with both his hands. Nothing happened to the balloon. The next second I whipped open my wallet and give him the money. He taught us a lesson that proving ones point is the best form of selling.