In General

The line between marketing talk and lying is really thin. I realised it today when i received a promotional letter from Touchtel promoting their DSL Internet connection. I’m one fo the earliest users of their DSL connection in Chennai and I can easily see thru their blatant lying. Here is their talk vis-a-vis my view.

“With TouchTel DSL, you can have download speeds up to 20 times faster than normal dial-up speeds.”

What crap ! The usual speed of Touchtel DSL is about twice the speed of dial up. At best of times, it touches the 3-times speed. Saying it can get 20-times speed is utter lying.

“The TouchTel DSL is always-on, just like a cable connection.”

BULLSHIT ! We still need to dial in to a number to get the connection. Isn’t there a limit to how much you can bullshit !! And the sad story is that the letter is written by Deepak Pande, the Chief of Sales & Marketing. What a shame !