In General

There was this frail looking boy from my village who was a couple of years older than me. He was the grandson of our family servant. His legs were crippled from birth. He studied in a free govt school. He studied hard. He made his parents and his entire village proud when he got selected in the Pondicherry engineering college. He passed out with honours. His close friends included the son of the then chief minister of Pondicherry.

He resisted using any influence and got a job on his own in Surat. He worked hard, inspite of having a severe heart problem. He grew up the corporate ladder to become the chief engineer in Voltas. Last year, he had to go thru an open heart surgery to stay alive. This year he earned business worth 8 crores for his company. He was the apple of the General Manager’s eye. Yesterday morning, he suffered a cardiac arrest and breathed his last. Our village had lost it’s son.

He resisted marriage knowing too well he won’t live long. He didn’t want to spoil a girl’s life. He helped secure employment for over 25 poor graduates from Pondicherry. Ramamurthy may have died young but he will forever be remembered with love and respect.