In General

Macromedia buys Presedia and why am I not so kicked about this news !! Here’s why. For starters, Presedia’s flagship product ‘Express’ is nothing but a tool which helps you get your powerpoint presentations on the web. Second, unlike all macromedia products which targets individual developers and designers, this new product is aimed at corporate companies. What else explains the starting price of $12,500.

Macromedia has decided to absorb all the employees of Presedia and I see a complication here. There will now be two Kevin Lynches in Macromedia. The first Kevin Lynch is the Chief Software Architect of Macromedia and the new Kevin Lynch is CEO of Presedia. Anyways, that’s for the telephone operator to bother about.

What I like about Macromedia is that they immediately put the product to use. You can view the presentation on why Macromedia bought Presedia which was made using the new product . The FAQ is also very detailed.