In General

Cupid still strikes after marriage : It’s amazing how Valentine’s Day dinner still continues to weave its spell. I guess there’s something to do with the candlelight. The heart shaped balloons, Red velvet deco, Live band, Mushy songs, huge buffet spread…all seem to help.

We must’ve been the only one to bring a kid along. As usual she became the darling of the crowd as she ran amuck in the restaurant. From the way the young couples cootchiecooed with her, I could sense their longing to procreate. Cupid, definitely at work.

The chef even made a cameo appearance giving each couple Fortune cookies with, what else, mushy messages inside. The manager shot us on a Polaroid and presented us the photo with a small message attached to it. I couldnt help smiling at the crass commercialisation of the lover’s day when I read this message “Bring this photo to Kirtilal Jewellers to get 10% off” !!