In General

2nd Annual Chennai Bloggers Meet : Last year’s Bloggers meet was a big success. That’s reason enough to go in for the second edition. Got this strong feeling its gonna be bigger this time. The Bloggers Meet will happen this coming Sunday, March 9th. Strategically chose this date as there is no Worldcup match then. And its a Sunday. Couldn’t have found a better combo.

Here’s a quick synopsis :

Who : Anyone who has a blog.

When : Sunday, March 9th. 5:00 p.m

Venue : Cozee, Besant Nagar Beach.

Plan : Schmooze, food, yap, Beach Cricket, possibly followed by Pub hopping.

Why : B’coz Meatspace rulez ! Always great to make new friends. Opportunity to let your hair down and ensoiii !!

More info to follow soon. Meanwhile, please spread the word around. Thanks 🙂