In General

Not many know of this. Three years ago, long before the word ‘blog’ got famous, we got an online diary updation system developed for actor R.Madhavan, the star of Alaipayuthe and Anbe Sivam. Me and a group of friends got the contract from him to develop his website . We wanted to add something different that wasn’t there in other celebsites. The online diary was one differentiating factor and it was this that won us the contract in the first place. Maddy, as he is better known, started writing on his site which was a huge hit with his fans. They could actually take a peek into his daily life. The response was terrific. Yet, only a month later, he stopped updating his site which beats me to this day. It’s a pity that none of the celebrities have realised the power of weblogs to keep in touch with their fans. Sad. Tch tch