In General

I took my first step today to reach my aspiration to learn a music instrument. I enrolled myself in a keyboard class. Was pretty lucky to find a good teacher, just three streets from mine. He is a retired musician and now teaches keyboard fulltime. I stumbled upon his place when I was taking my kid for an evening walk. It’s amazing how much you keep discovering your own neighbourhood.

I’ve joined the early morning batch which starts at 6:00 a.m…..which means I’ll have to get up atleast by 5:15 a.m, shower up and get ready. It’s gonna be a little difficult for the first few days..but guess I’ll get accostomed to it. I had been following a similar schedule earlier during the rowing season.

I’ve set my sights on joining a music band in 6 months time. It’s always inspiring to learn with the goal in sight. I’d finally got around to fulfilling a college dream. Life is getting interesting.