In General

I’m glad I went to the anti-war gathering. I had expected the publicity crazy politicians to garner the limelight Thankfully it was not to be. It was an event which had artistes show their protest through their art. There were poets, singers, dramatists, street theatre artists, musicians show their talent with an anit-war tilt.

The fiery speeches and anti-war songs almost whipped up a anti-American frenzy. Saddam was the hero and Bush was the villain. So much was the support for Iraq that I wouldn’t have been surprised if there had been a cut-out of Saddam !

There were also the opportunists who sniffed the business opportunity. A small time publisher started selling books on Saddam and a candle vendor hawked candles to people who later realised that the candle flames were no match for the sea breeze.

I was very impressed with a group of phirangs who had the guts to come and join the gathering. Sure enough, they were not Americans but I feared that the crowd might turn against anybody in white skin. The crowd was too decent…infact they were very receptive to these people. I felt very proud of the mature behaviour of the crowd.

There were young college girls who went around face painting the words “No War”. There was even a crippled beggar who asked for a anti-war lapel and pinned it to his tattered shirt. Very touching.

There was one student who had the most eloquent words on his placard … ” Fighting for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity ” .