In General

Staying awake after sumptuous lunch at office has been a difficult task. Eye-lids turn heavy, brain turns fuzzy and there’s this deep urge to just plop on the keyboard and doze. These are the times I wish we had the ‘power-nap’ scheme, where you have a half hour rest time and sleeping on desk is allowed. Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of luxury. (In India this is called laziness and in the US it is called slacking off.)

Anyways, I’ve had to find a solution to the problem. One of my colleagues came up with a solution. He recommended that I drink lots of water, more than what I require. The funda being that I would be required to hit the pot often to empty my bladder. While the suggestion looks crude, it actually is pretty effective.

Ofcourse, the best solution is to hit the sack early and get good sleep. With a hyperactive kid, a 62 channel TV and a 24 hour net connection, that’s easier said than done !!