In General

Headlines Today & Aaj Tak have shown interest in doing a story on Blogging. ( via Mdeii Anand ) While the print media has covered blogging before, I believe this will be the first time a TV network is doing so. For the uninitated, Headlines Today & Aaj Tak are the English and Hindu Hindi channels from the India Today group. Headlines Today launched their broadcasting earlier this week.

Hetal Somu, the TV correspondent wanted to catch up with the chennai bloggers and so we have arranged for a get-together on Monday evening, 5:30 p.m at Amethyst. It’s a joint off Peters Road, near Saravana Bhavan, suggested by Kingsley. As usual, we’re going dutch. Please consider this as your invite. Pick your other blogger friends and feel free to join the gang. We’d especially like to meet bloggers who’d missed last month’s Chennai Bloggers meet.