In General

TypePad : Take the ease of online publishing by Blogger and mix it with MovableType’ stability…..and you get TypePad, a hosted service for creating blogs from the makers of MovableType. It ain’t launched yet but from the looks of it, this will definitely be interesting. In fact interesting enough for me to think of a switch over, provided it doesn’t cost too much, or better still, free.

I have always wanted to shift over to MovableType but getting my hands dirty with the technical stuff kept me away from it. Now with TypePad, things will be bound to be much simpler. Congrats, Ben & Mena. You impress me even more.

On a related news, Anil Dash joins the team as Vice President, Business Development. . He loves blogs. He loves MT. In his very words, it’s “a dream job”. Nice designation, Anil. Happy for ya.