In General

TouchTel Sucks : I informed the Bharti guys who run the TouchTel private phone service and also the DSL Internet service, 15 days in advance about my change in residence. They promised that the phone line and net connection would be relocated in two days time. Now its more than 20 days and nothing has happened. After four personal visits and one very nasty dressing down, they now tell me that it will take another two months for them to give the connection. Imagine how pissed I would’ve been.

Geez! On top of this atrocious delay, they make themselves look even more stupid by giving lame excuses like “Mr.Abdul Kalam had come to chennai and hence we could not lay the cables”……..”the sun was very hot and the workers had dehydration” . I told them to save these explantion and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. Yeah… in as many words. I would’ve understood if all this crap came from the governemnt agency but not from a big private firm.