In General

Burglar attack : We had just finished seeing a late night movie in a theatre and made a quick visit to our in-laws’ apartment to pick up our daughter. It was a little over midnight and as we reached the third floor, we heard heavy creaking sound. When we ran up, we could hear burglars trying to break open the terrace door. Out of sheer reflex action, I shouted on top of my voice, which pretty much scared them. They scampered off quickly into the darkness. Didn’t have the nerve to give them a chase… not with a wife and kid around… and definitely not without a protective weapon for self defense ( errr.. I mean something like a hockey stick or cricket stump!! ).

The rest of the residents in the apartment were alerted and everyone turned into high-alert mode. I suspect everyone to have bolted every available lock in the house. I had a feeling of satisfaction having averted a theft or worse, injury to someone. It was a thrilling night alright!