In General

Washing Machine Hunt : My old washing machine conked out and so I ventured out on a hunt along with a friend who also wanted to buy one for himself. It was an interesting experience. Here are the learning…

1) The Top loading Washing machine consumes 7 buckets of water while the Front loading machine consumes only 3 buckets of water.

2) After about two years, the front loading machines develop leakage because of the casket getting damaged.

3) Never trust the salesman at the shop. I learnt that they are trained to push the product which gives them the largest commissions.

4) Some of the jargon that clogged my head – ‘bubble wash technology’, ‘hand wash agitator’, ‘enzyme germinator’, ‘Puncher Pump’….Aargh !!

5) I was disappointed at the lack of good looks in almost all the models. There wasn’t one single washing machine that caught my fancy.

We finally settled for Whirlpool.