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Paypal remedies : There is good news for those of you who use Paypal and struggle with getting the money from Paypal down to India. comes in as a godsend.

While Paypal is undoubtedly the best online money payment system, it has one major problem. It does not interact with Indian banks. You can only withdraw your funds only if you had a US bank account. So all this time, one had to depend on a brother or a friend who is in the US to help you out. ( or atleast that’s what I did).

I had always thought there is a good business opportunity here and XOOM has rightly tapped into it. Smart move.

I wanted to verify if the site is genuine. Sure, the site looked professional and genuine but will they actually send the money across? I wanted to double check and I did a test transfer of $50 from my Paypal to Chennai. And Lo! I got the payment in less than half a day. And its cheaper than Western Union. Cool.