In General

I don’t usually come out of a movie hall during the interval, however bad the movie may be. But this week heralded a first in recent memory. I had promised to take my daughter to Finding Nemo, the cartoon movie. I also took along my friend’s younger brother.

Unfortunately all the tickets to the cartoon movie had been booked and I didn’t want to dissapoint the kids. So I bought tickets to Gangs of New York, the only other english movie running in the multiplex. And that’s when the agony began.

The movie itself was pretty boring and I can see it whiz past both the hapless kids’ heads. And to top it, there were streamy kissing and groping scenes which put my friend’s brother in great unease. More than him, I felt miserable for bringing the kids to such a movie. As soon as the lights came on during the interval, we scampered out.

Next time, I’m booking the tickets in advance. No more taking chances.