In General

Internet centre or sex centre ? : I’m on the road and quickly need to check an important mail I had been anticipating. I enter a nearby Internet browsing center. This centre had fully covered private cubicles. As soon as I enter my cubicle, I could hear smooching and moaning sounds coming from the next cubicle. My first thought was that a guy was viewing porno clipping downloaded from the net. But then the sounds were too realistic. No doubt that this guy was working his way ona chick. As difficult as it was, I turn my attention to my comp. I finish checking my mails and stepp out to the counter to pay.

At the same time, the door of my neighbouring cubicle opened. I was curious to know who this sex-starved guy (and the chick with him) was and was astonished to see two school girls in uniforms step out. They probably were studying in the 10th standard guessing from their age.

I look at the owner of the cybercafe and he had a knowing smile on his face…something that seem to indicate..”I don’t mind as long as I get my money. Why do you think I kept those high walled cubicles ?!!”

Coming to think of it, these cubicled browsing centers are good, cheap sex joints … offers more privacy than cinema theaters and less expensive than hotel rooms. Reminds me of Times Squares peep shows. For a moment, I’m for the crackdown by the police on these cybercafes.