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Oh No : It’s a dissapointment that will no longer allow an Indian living in India to withdraw money from paypal through their website. This is a huge blow to the Indian freelance community who saw XOOM’s new service as a blessing.

I won’t blame XOOM, its their Indian partner Wall Street finance, part of the Patel group, who is posing a problem. They say this violates the RBI guidelines. *What bullshit ! * When an Indian professional in the US is allowed to send across money to India, why is an Indian residing in India denied the same opportunity. Can’t an Indian staying in India send across money to his parents for personal expenses? Why is there this discrimination?

The funny thing is that XOOM is extremely interested in continuing with the service. Its the Indian partner who is being spoilsport. I was pleasantly surprised when an executive from XOOM’s US office called me up to apologise for the termination of service and took great effort to explain to me why they had to do so. The indian partner, Wall Street finance, didnt even bother to send an email. Bah!

I have written in to XOOM advocating the continuance of this service. Lets hope things get resolved soon.