In General

Stupid Usability in ICICI’s ATM machines: I’ve heard many instances about people losing money via ICICI Bank’s ATM. I got to clearly understand how this happens. After the ATM spews out the cash, the next screen is a cluttered page with marketing info on ICICI housing loans, personal loans, credit card etc. You’d think it’s the end of the transaction and walk out completely missing the inconspicuous ‘exit’ button tucked in the corner. Without pressing the exit button, your ATM card is still there in machine. A few unscrupulous elements have taken advantage of this situation. They’d just walk in, withdraw your cash and walk out.. Easy money.

The point I’m trying to state is that there is no visual warning or audio beep that warns a person to collect his ATM card. I almost walked away leaving my ATM card today and I can only imagine the state of many elderly folks and people who aren’t too familiar with using ATM machines.