In General

I’ve decided to buy a digital camcorder. I’ve even decided on the model, a Sony TRV22E. Its small, powerful and kicks arse. So far so good. The problem came in when I had to decide where to buy.

In India, the Sony cam costs Rs.54,990 ( $1145 ) at the Sony World store.

In the US, the same model costs just Rs.26,400 ($ 550 ) in most of the US stores.

I was shocked at the huge price difference between India and US. The savings was good enough for me to decide to buy one from the US. But there are some lingering doubts.

1) Will the camera work even after I use an adaptor to make the 110v plug adaptable to the Indian 220v power supply?

2) Will there be a customs tax problem for the person bringing in the camera? Is there a short cut to avoid this customs tax?

If you have experience in getting any electronic stuff from the US, I’d love to hear your suggestions. Thanks in advance.