In General

See a difference in this site? No, I’m not talking about the font or the content. Let’s see if you can figure it out !! 🙂

The Answer : Most of you kinda got it right. It has to do with the quick download of the site. The bloated mother table was knocked out and replaced by lean CSS. And yes, some of you got it right again…the tweak was done by MadMan, a.k.a Madhu Menon, the only WebMaster-turned-Chef that I’ve known!! Over an innocous chat last night, he volunteered to set things right. Frankly, I didn’t have too much hope. Afterall, he has a new restaurant to run and tweaking a friend’s site doesn’t figure on top of the priority list. He took a real long time to set his own site ready, so I gave myself an outside chance. But amazingly, he whipped out the entire change in less than two hours and even sent an SMS when it was done!

The site *is* fast. It clocked under 6 seconds in my office computer. A huge jump from the 12 seconds or sometimes a no-show. I’m impressed.