In General

My Marathon Practice has gotten off to an enthusiastic start. The ease with which I ran surprised me. I expected to be highly rusty as I’m running after a long break but its been pretty smooth. I can feel that passion spurt up and that’s a great feeling to have. I’ve started off with 5 km runs and am very careful not to over exert. Last year, I was plagued with knee pain which would surface up evertime I cross the 15 km mark. So this year, the real challenge is being injury-free.

After a week of self-training, I will be joining the elite Madras Runners Club… The big boys club for whom a 30 km run on a Sunday morning is like a walk in the park. That’s when the real rigorous practice would begin.

My goal is finishing the half-marathon ( 21 km) at the Chennai Marathon scheduled on February 20th, 2005. That’s 90 days to D-day. This is my third consecutive marathon that I’m taking part in. You can find my jotting on the running experiences at my Marathon Blog.