In General

Acquired a MP3 Flash player : Neat buy.

Three features I had been dying to have and when all those come bundled in one neat device, I can’t ask for more. Bought a Transcent JetFlash MP3 player. Here are the features and why I love to have them.

Thumb Drive : I needed a portable storage device to transer files and this fits in perfectly. With USB 2.0 complaince, it’s true plug and play.

Voice Recorder: Comes in very handy for recording meetings, a feature I need it for my job. With 18 hours of voice recording, that’s an overkill. Records voice directly in MP3 format and with relatively low file size. Should come in handy for the occasional voice blog posts.

MP3 Player: I specifically needed this during my long marathon practices. It’s simply brilliant listening to some great music on a cold morning run. It wipes out the drudgery out of practice. The music clarity rivals iPod. I totally love the iPod but didn’t want to take a bulky piece for my practice runs. With a size that of a cigarette lighter, it weighs lighter than 100 gms….you hardly feel you are carrying it. And at just one fifth the cost of an iPod, it makes great sense.