In General

Arse on the seat, heart on the pedal.

After more than two years of disuse, my cycle has been revived back to life and will become my primary mode of transportation to office. My house is in Virugambakam and I’ve recently shifted my workplace to Tidel Park (Software Technology Park) , in Taramani. A distance of 13 kilometers. One way.

I had been cycling to office for over three years, until I had a change in job which took me closer to my wife’s office. This meant, I become her automatic chauffeur. Our offices were close to each other and it made sense to go together. So it was either motorbike or car (mostly motorbike) and I sorely missed my cycling. Besides, this office didn’t have a shower room. Now that I’m back to Tidel park after a gap of two years, I didn’t waste anytime in getting my MTB back to shape.

For all the rowing victories I’ve won and the marathon training, I’d owe the cycling a huge credit. It kept me in good shape….anytime better than gymming. Now that I’ve set my eyes firmly on the upcoming Marathon and the 2005 Rowing Championship, I’m once again turning to my old aide, my cycle.