In General

Wi-Fi rocks : It was pretty cool to know that my entire office is Wi-Fi ( wireless Internet) enabled. I’ve been reading about Wi-Fi for a long time now. Yet, it hits you when you take a laptop to the open air atrium, far away from your work desk, and still able to access your network files, fire a print, or just do plain simple browsing. Nothing like seeing a technology with your real eyes what you’ve read about in magazines. I’m now a firm believer in wireless Net access.

I went to Ritchie Street last week, and noticed the sign of things to come in the very near future. Centrino poweredLaptop prices have come down to sub-Rs.50K mark. I spoke to a few vendors and they tell me that last month saw a 200% increase in laptop sales. Notebooks, like cellphones, will quickly move from a nice-to-have prestige product to a ‘must-have’ utility product positioning. An Acer vendor tells me that 2005 should see the prices come further down to sub-Rs.40K mark. I don’t have to look into the cystal ball to predict that laptops will catchup with desktops in 5 years time. Why get tied down to a desk when you have the freedom of mobility?