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Tsunami :

When the mild earthquake happened, there was a moment of panic. When we realized that there was no major danger, the moment changed from anxiety to subdued excitement. I heard someone screaming next door to watch Sun News channel. I hurriedly change the channel to find dramatic pictures of Marina beach flooded with sea water. This is the second largest beach in the world and I guess it needed the biggest earthquake in 40 years to create a Tsunami big enough to swamp the entire beach.

The Hindu carried two amazing arial shots of the beach, obviously taken from the top of the light house. Brilliant photographs.

The BBC World News showed a brilliant computer generated rendition of how a Tsunami gets formed. You only need to imagine the kind of massive damage the huge tidal wave, with the height of a two storeyed building, can cause as it comes crashing into the shore.

The beach resort where we recently stayed in, is situated right on the edge of the sea shore and I was worried for people working there. I tried many times yesterday but the line just didn’t go through. I finally got to reach the resort manager and learnt that the sea wave had come till the resort rooms. He also told me that the water has receded now and the resort will start functioning from today onwards.

Our big office year-end party is scheduled to be held in Fisherman’s Cove on the 29th. It’s a massive event where all the associates and family members, nearly 3000 strong, get-together for an evening of fun. There’s fierce competition amongst the teams in our company for the intra-company dance and song competitions. Our team has been practicing real hard on the choreography for the last one week. There’s been a lot of effort spent on organizing this event. Suddenly, this big event that has been awaited anxiously, seems minuscule in the face of recent incidents.

we’ve got extra clothes at home which I’ve decided to give it to people at Pattinapakkam, one of the most affected areas. I’m collecting clothes from my apartment as well. Tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m, I plan to go to the affected areas and hand over the clothes. If you want to help contribute by giving used clothes, please give me a call at 98415 97744.

If anyone is interested in helping out the affected people near the Neelankarai area, please contact Priya at 25506284. Even if you are not able to help directly, please pass on this information to others who might be willing to give a helping hand.

(via JK)