In General

There are lots of people living outside India who are desperate to give a helping hand. It would be criminal not to offer an avenue for such people to pass on their help to the needy people. Every hour delay could mean that we are losing out on helping someone from death.

Ganesh of, who lives in USA, has set up a paypal payment systems. Whatever amount you are comfortable with, please make your donations there. These are help in need.

The money will be spent on medicines and to offer help for orphaned children. Children will be the focus for now, especially the ones who have lost their parents.

There are a bunch of volunteers in Chennai who are ready to help these children. I will coordinate the efforts from Chennai.

Mohanakrishnan (MK) from Dubai, has shown a lot of passion and urgency in helping out to the affected. He has booked a domain name to offer an avenue, especially for people outside of India, like himself, to offer help. It has list of ways how you can offer help. A great initiative. If you know someone who is offering help, please pass on their contact information to MK at It will be a great help.

Akhila Aiyer had called in from Delhi wanting to help out. She was willing to help collect relief materials from her friends and colleagues. But the trouble is logistics. We quite don’t know how to transport them from Delhi to Chennai. Do you know of someone who is flying in to Chennai? Her roomie is an airhostess but she is not scheduled to fly in for the next two weeks. Please help spread the word.

If you have a blog, kindly encourage your friends to donate. As a blog community, let’s make a difference.

Every donation made will be published on Ganesh’s site as well as here. If you want to remain aonymous, please mention so. We want to make sure that your help reaches the needy at the earliest and that all monetary help rendered is made transparent.

In times of distress, we can do one of two things. We can either sit back and watch or stand up and offer help. The choice is yours.

Thanks in advance.