In General

A Vist to the Beach

I made a quick visit to New Beach in Thiruvanmiyur during the lunch break to check out for myself if the sea water was rising, a news item that I heard in news channels. True, there was a tsunami warning but the thrill of being in the thick of action was too much to control. What surprised me at first was the normalcy in life in Valmiki Nagar, which is a posh locality. People moved around as if nothing has happened. The tsunami warning didn’t seem to have much effect here.

Access to the beach was blocked by a bunch of policemen. No one was allowed near the beach. So I went to a house which was the closest to the beach. The owners have obviously vacated the place and only the servants were there to take care of it. I talked my way to go to the third floor terrace to get a better view of the sea. The idea being even if the tsunami strikes, I should be relatively safe or atleast I hoped. The sea waves were of normal size and the sea was eerily calm….something that gave an impression of a lull before the storm.

Down below, crowds kept gathering to take a look at the sea. Police were shooing away the crowd. One guy caught my attention. He held a placard which had a hadnwritten warning of the impending tsunami, warning people not to stay near the beach.

I took a lot of snaps but they’ll have to wait until I reach home in the evening ‘coz I don’t have the cam software at my work.